Solar energy is the way of the future; it’s a renewable energy source that can be used in tandem with our other energy measures to lower costs and improve your facility’s efficiency.

Going Green with Solar

Advances in solar technology have made installing an array easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Arrays can immediately provide a secondary source of electricity, shrinking your carbon footprint while helping you improve your bottom dollar, making modern solar panels a technology worth investing in.

Is My Facility Eligible for Commercial Solar Panels?

It’s a fairly simple process to determine whether or not your facility is eligible for solar panels. As part of our no-cost energy assessment, the Advanced Energy Group team will conduct a quick assessment of the roof as well as the ground level areas surrounding your building.

How Much Do Commercial Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of an installation depends on the size and location of an array. The savings gained from solar panels helps offset the installation cost, reducing your reliance on your existing energy efficiency measures. They also provide cost-savings benefits in several ways, including:

What Are the Solar Power Options for Commercial Buildings?

The size of a solar array should not exceed or fall short of your needs; it should provide approximately the right amount of energy you need to power your facility.

As part of the process for assessing this need, we evaluate the all powered appliances, machine and lighting in your facility to identify areas that could benefit from an energy efficiency upgrade. Based on the results of this evaluation, we may recommend upgrades of other technologies such as indoor and outdoor lighting, signage and emergency lighting.  We can also assess refrigeration and HVAC Controls if applicable or add a heat pump to replace existing electric, oil or propane units. You can trust AEG to make sure solar is the right fit for your facility.

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Questions about Solar?

The future is bright with solar energy. Contact us and we can assist you in the process of identifying and quantifying the need for solar energy.

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