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Advanced Energy Group offers all the advanced energy services of a big energy company, while maintaining relationships with a personalized touch. We’re proud of our reputation as an energy saving solutions company, and we’ve provided cost-efficient, energy saving products and solutions to meet our client’s individual energy needs since 1998.

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    Advanced Energy Group has a team of trained energy auditors to analyze your current energy usage at no cost. This no-cost energy assessment will allow us to engineer a personalized, cost-effective plan for your facility.

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      No-Cost Energy Assessment

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      At Advanced Energy Group, our number one priority is total customer satisfaction. We’re an energy management solutions company, which means we’re constantly keeping up with the latest in the energy savings industry. We’re always sharing what we know with our customers, just read our latest blog for more information.

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        No-Cost Energy Assessment

        Proud to be a Woman-Owned Business

        Advanced Energy Group is proud to be part of a growing number of women-owned businesses. We’ve held that title since 2019, when Jennifer Quinn took the helm as our owner and president. Jennifer has been involved with the company from the very beginning, growing AEG into one of the premier energy companies in MA.

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          No-Cost Energy Assessment

            No-Cost Energy Assessment

            Advanced Energy Group Services at a Glance

            Advanced Energy Group provides a wide variety of services to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations for energy efficiency.

            No-Cost Energy Assessment
            Find out how much we can save you by scheduling a no-cost energy assessment today. Learn More >
            LED Lighting Upgrades
            Brighten your facility and increase your energy efficiency by installing our LED lighting upgrades. Learn More >
            Refrigeration Controls
            Reduce the energy demands of your commercial refrigeration equipment with adaptive refrigeration and freezer controls and more. Learn More >
            EV Charging Installations
            Electric vehicle (EV) charging is the way of the future, so diversify your energy services by plugging in now. Learn More >
            HVAC Upgrades
            HVAC Upgrades
            Heating and cooling are frequently the most expensive systems in a facility, making them an important part of your environmental energy solutions. Learn More >
            Insulation & Air Sealing
            Insulation & Air Sealing
            Is it time to plug up those leaks? Insulation and air sealing are some of the most cost-effective of our energy solution services. Learn More >
            Natural Gas Upgrades
            Natural Gas Upgrades
            Upgrade your system with our prescriptive natural gas measures to save money and reduce your natural gas dependency. Learn More >
            Utility Programs Assistance
            Many of our energy services and solutions are covered through state and federal utility assistance programs. Find out if you qualify. Learn More >
            Electrical Wiring
            The electrical wiring in your business is a critical part of our energy solutions. Keep your business grounded for a low cost. Learn More >
            Emergency Lighting Installation
            Always have a backup. Find out how we can help power your emergency lighting without compromising safety. Learn More >
            Signage / LED Design
            Get your message across with our LED signage. We can provide your facility with energy efficient retrofits or designs. Learn More >
            Investing in solar energy is a bright idea and we can help with solar thermal installations. Learn More >
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            As an energy solutions company, we’re here to help guide you through this process, and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have about commercial energy saving.

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