Refrigeration Controls

Due to the nature of the product, commercial refrigeration equipment must be kept consistently cold. Large commercial refrigerators, freezers and coolers can consume massive amounts of energy, but through refrigeration controls, Advanced Energy Group can help your units run more efficiently.

Benefits of Refrigeration Controls

In supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores, refrigerators can account for close to 40 percent of a business’s total energy use. We work with our local refrigeration contractors to provide a wide range of upgrade options including controls and lighting to help our customers increase their efficiency.

Types of Controls

Commercial refrigerators are designed to store food at a certain temperature, and they require a lot of energy to maintain that consistency. There are several methods to control this process to minimize the operational costs.

  • Timers are the most common way to control the defrosting process in commercial refrigeration. In temperature settings where the heat is kept below 32°F, heat is required to make sure ice is melted during the defrost cycle. Timers can automate this process.
  • Temperature setback devices cut back the amount of energy usage during off-hours, reducing overall energy costs.
  • Anticondensation humidistats are used to regulate humidity and temperature in order to cycle an evaporator fan on and off to maintain the correct condensation levels.

Additional Commercial Refrigeration Upgrades

From case lighting to cooler lights, Advanced Energy Group can incorporate LEDs into your commercial refrigeration upgrades, which can help lower your overall refrigeration costs. Our lighting upgrades include:

  • LED refrigerated display case lighting
  • LED door lighting
  • LED lights for commercial coolers

Learn more about the benefits of making the switch to LED lighting systems.

Commercial Refrigeration Retrofitting

It’s not just about how you power your refrigeration unit; air sealing is equally important to maintaining desired temperatures. AEG specializes in commercial refrigeration retrofitting to provide you with new, sealed glass doors. We can also install night covers, which allow refrigeration and cooler units to remain at low temperatures without as much energy production.

Investing in energy efficient commercial refrigeration has a higher upfront cost, but the amount you will save in the long run will more than compensate for that original cost. The investment can help your facility save money and operate more efficiently. We will also coordinate with your utility provider to determine if you qualify for utility assistance programs.

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Questions about refrigeration controls?

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