How do I know the new lighting will be good quality?

We always replace your existing fixtures with energy efficient fixtures that will give at least your current lighting output, while saving you energy usage.

All lighting fixtures and products used meet federal energy efficiency, safety, and quality guidelines.

How much money will we save?

The amount of money that could be saved can’t be determined until we do a thorough energy assessment.

However, in some cases, users have been able to save as much as 50% on their electric bill.

How do the energy efficiency programs work?

Each business pays into what is called the “Energy Conservation Fund” on a monthly basis.

The government mandates that these funds are invested back into the businesses through several incentivized and/or rebate programs.

How much does the electric company contribute towards the installation of new energy efficient lighting?

Through a number of programs, the electric companies offer incentive based on building size and current usage.

Incentives are determined by the program being used.

(Check our “Programs” page for more information)

How is the total cost determined?

Once we do a thorough inspection of your location, we enter the information into the computer and build a proposal based on current usage and your business needs.

What kind of impact will the installation of new lighting have on the operation of my business?

Advanced Energy Group prides itself on being customer-oriented. We strive to go above and beyond customer expectations.

We understand that interruption of everyday business is no acceptable, and will plan installation around your business schedule to make sure the upgrades are done properly and in a timely fashion.

Are there any tax advantages?

Any sort of tax incentives for having upgrades performed to your business must be consulted by a tax professional.

The links below may serve as guidelines to questions you may ask your tax expert.