Insulation & Air Sealing

It doesn’t matter how efficient your facility is: leaks in your envelope will cost you in the long run. Advanced Energy Group can help you seal those cracks and improve insulation & air sealing to increase your energy efficiency.

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Importance of Insulation & Air Sealing

Your facility’s envelope (walls, windows, doors and other openings to the outside) may not be completely sealed. When air leaks through, it can force a higher output from your HVAC system and negatively impact your overall energy efficiency. AEG can help identify and answer all the questions you have regarding commercial air sealing services.

How Do I Find Commercial Insulation Contractors Near Me?

When you contact AEG, we set up a no-cost energy assessment, in which we identify leaks in your facility’s envelope. AEG can conduct a “blower door test”, which utilizes a frame and flexible panel with a variable-speed fan. The fan blows outwards, lowering the air pressure in your facility. When the higher pressure flows inside, we can easily identify where the leaks are coming from.

How Do Commercial Air Sealing Systems Work?

There are many locations where you can discover air leaks in your facility, including but not limited to:

  • Door and window frames
  • HVAC system ducts
  • Glass panes in doors and windows
  • Ventilation fans in roof or outer walls

So what should you do when you discover them? Our commercial building insulation contractors can help you fix smaller leaks through caulking or weatherstripping. We also offer window replacements or retrofits for leaks that require more attention

Improved Insulation

It’s not just leaks, the insulation in your facility provides resistance to heat flow, leading to increased comfort and lower heating and cooling costs. Increasing the amount of insulation in a building is one of the easiest ways to achieve energy efficiency savings. We can help if you’re seeking commercial insulation installers who provide improved thermal insulation at your site.

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Questions about Insulation & Air Sealing?

We’re here to help if you have questions. Contact us and we can assist you in the process of identifying leaks and improving the insulation in your building.

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