If you’re considering putting up new signage for your facility, or just upgrading your current signs, Advanced Energy Group can help save you money and get your message across with our digital signage solutions.

Choosing an LED Signage Design

AEG is committed to lowering your energy bills any way we can, and that commitment extends to digital sign design. We can help you create bright displays that operate both indoors and outdoors. Our LED (light emitting diode) signs can help you improve the atmosphere of your building while remaining energy efficient and cost-effective.

Savings from LED Signage

As LED lights become more popular, their wide variety of applications have become more apparent. While neon was previously the industry standard, LED is set to take its place as the leader in digital signage design. There are several ways an LED upgrade can help to save your facility money:

  • LEDs are energy efficient, with massive energy savings compared to neon or incandescent lighting. According to the United States Department of Energy they use up to 80% less energy.
  • LEDs are long lasting and don’t need to be replaced as often. They can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights, lowering your maintenance costs.

While the initial installation of LED lighting costs more than neon or incandescent lights, these savings advantages will help you will make that money back quickly. If you’re interested in how much you could save, contact us for a no-cost energy assessment today.

Back Lit or Front Lit Signage?

Advanced Energy Group can help you when it comes to designing a sign from scratch. You have multiple options when it comes to your signage-led design. Most LED signs fall into two categories: front lit and back lit.

A back lit sign features lightboxes of LED light strips to display a bright, vibrant back lit graphic. Front lit signs are more applicable for outside use due to their durability. Front lit signage consists of three parts that are sealed together with waterproof materials:

  • A back plate to hold the LEDs and electronics
  • A middle plate to spread and direct the light
  • A front plate to provide color for the sign

LED Retrofitting

While we specialize in LED signage and design, we don’t necessarily have to design a new sign from scratch. If you already have illuminated signage that you wish to keep, AEG can help you with an LED retrofit.

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Interested in our Signage-LED/Design Services?

If you want to learn more about what we offer for LED signage and design, reach out to with your questions. We are happy to help.

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