A Bright Idea: Our New Solar Service

Picture of solar panels for blog about our New Solar Service

The future is bright with Advanced Energy Group—we are proud to introduce our new solar service offering. As we’ve continued to expand as a business, it has become more apparent that solar energy successfully operates in tandem with our other energy measures to lower our customers’ costs while improving their facility’s efficiency. In this blog, you’ll discover how it can help you.

Why Solar Power?

Advances in solar technology have made installing a solar panel array easier and more cost-effective than ever. But what are the advantages?

First and foremost, the provided energy can be used as a supplemental source; that means you don’t have to leave the electric grid. You can use the energy produced by each panel when it’s needed or store it to keep your facility running during an outage or grid shutdown. It provides you with independence and flexibility. You may also:

  • Increase your property value
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve your brand image as an eco-friendly company

Reaping the Rewards

It’s not just about the improved efficiency and environmental impact, you’ll quickly reap the monetary rewards for your investment, both upfront and in the long run.

  • To offset upfront capital on the federal level, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) currently provides a 26% federal credit for solar system installations on commercial properties.
  • On the state level, we can work alongside your utility provider to determine any assistance programs your project may qualify for.
  • In the long term, a solar array installation will provide you with power generated onsite, lowering your reliance on other non-renewable sources and the electric grid as a whole.

How Can Your Facility Benefit?

We can easily determine whether or not your facility is eligible for a solar panel installation with a simple analysis of your property. As part of your no-cost energy assessment, our team will evaluate your rooftop and the ground-level areas around your building in order to ensure solar is the right fit for your facility. If we believe you’ll save money by going in another direction, we will assess your need for one of our other energy efficiency services. You can trust AEG to present you with the most energy- and cost-efficient plan. Contact us to learn more.