Energy Awareness: Help Preserve Our Lifeline

power lines

October is National Energy Awareness Month. But how could we not be aware of energy when it’s all around us? Interestingly, we tend to only appreciate energy the most when we lose it. If the power goes out in your business, you likely find that even the most basic tasks become more challenging or even impossible, and productivity comes to a screeching halt.

When you consider our reliance on energy at a national level, however, you begin to understand why the U.S. Office of Electricity (OE) designated an entire month to energy awareness. The OE reminds us that in addition to providing electricity for lighting, heating and cooling, we also rely on energy to power:

  • Emergency response services
  • Medical care
  • Sanitation and clean water systems
  • The digital sector
  • Communications
  • Production and transportation of goods, food and fuel

Because energy is the lifeline of our entire infrastructure and economy, it’s clear that providing, protecting and preserving it is vitally important—and we all have roles to play.

How You Can Help

We are all responsible for protecting our energy resources and there are lots of incentives to do so. In addition to serving the greater good, incorporating energy savings strategies into your business also helps your bottom line.

Taking the first step is easy. Contact us to schedule a no-cost energy assessment for your company. We’ll analyze your current energy usage, identify opportunities for savings and develop a personalized, cost-effective plan for your facility. You choose what upgrades you’d like to implement, and we work with your utility companies to determine what assistance programs you qualify for. With your signed proposal, we complete the project, and you start saving…energy and money.

Depending on your facility, strategies in your customized plan may include:

Our trained energy assessors, and expert team of certified energy managers, experienced subcontractors and installation crews, know the ins and outs of how to make a commercial building more energy-efficient, and they are sensitive to your bottom line. Reach out today and we’ll help increase your energy awareness and show you how you can start saving.