Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn
Owner and President

We are a privately owned company located in East Longmeadow, MA. The company was founded in 1998, with the goal in mind to provide cost-efficient, energy-saving products that would be individually tailored to each client’s needs.

 Originally, AEG was tailored to servicing Massachusetts in the Small Business Energy Advantage Program. AEG now serves Large Corporations and Small Businesses in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. AEG, on average, services 150 to 175 businesses per year for their energy needs.

AEG’s primary goal is total customer satisfaction, which remains the most important measure in any project we complete.

At AEG, we pride ourselves on being customer-oriented and will go above and beyond your expectations. We will complete the work in a manner that is convenient for both you and your company.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you.

  AEG’s Sustainability Policy

Adam Connors 

Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Program Manager

Phone 413.526.9955
Pete Chapman

Connecticut Energy Efficiency Program Manager


Phone 413.262.3857
Alan Surprenant

Energy Management Advisor


Phone 413.579.1256
Kyle Houser

Energy Management Advisor


Phone: 413.265.5304717
Mark Provencher

Energy Management Advisor


Phone: 413.335.5717
Business Types That We Work With

Commercial locations:

Includes large and small office spaces, restaurants, gas stations, and more.

Town and City Buildings:

Locations that include Town and City Halls, Schools, and other local facilities.

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Spaces:

24/7 Facilities that have continuous production, office spaces, and large storage areas.

Retail Locations:

Malls and other large, and small, retail stores.

Religious Establishments:

Includes Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels, Mosques, Monasteries, Synagogues, and others.


Dealerships, Autobody, and other Auto related specialty locations.

Parking Garages and Parking Lots


Grocery Stores and Restaurants:

Grocery stores large and small, along with restaurants of all sizes and types.